27th August 2020

New environmental protection agency, Secure Forests CIC to launch at Mount Edgcumbe

Secure Forests CIC launches innovative security technology to combat deer poaching at Mount Edgcumbe County Park.

On 28th August, environmental protection agency, Secure Forests CIC, will hold a press launch to showcase their industry leading Domain Awareness System in a bid to protect the Mount Edgcumbe County Park from unwanted intruders, illegal forestry, as well as potential poaching of the resident deer population.

During the launch event, the Secure Forests team will ascend in to the forest canopy, 40 feet above ground, to install acoustic sensors in the park’s trees, providing the estate managers with real time surveillance of the whole site.

In recent months, the County Park has been the victim of illegal poaching activity.  Secure Forests’ sensors will be set to detect certain audio frequencies, such as gunshots and vehicles, alerting the rangers, via text message, of any suspicious activity that is taking place within the park.

This industry leading technology has already been implemented by Secure Forests in the jungle regions of Belize. As part of the Forest 2020 project, which is funded by the UK Space Agency, Secure Forests uses the Domain Awareness System to supply real time data to local Rangers and the indigenous people, regarding ongoing deforestation of their rainforest.

Through collaboration with the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Programme, Secure Forests are able to detect and track changes in the habitat. This data then informs the local conservation team’s efforts to prevent deforestation, whilst allowing them to accurately identify areas for restoration.

Richard Pyshorn, Founder of Secure Forest, said: “In 2019, we lost a football-pitch sized area of primary rainforest every six seconds. At this rate, there will be no Primary Rainforest left by 2050.

“In addition, we have no doubt that the destruction of wildlife habitats, the illegal poaching of wildlife for the pet trade and illegal wet markets have led to the recent pandemic.

“At Secure Forests, we use military knowledge and the latest technological innovations to give indigenous people the training and ‘ground truth’ to safeguard their futures.”

Chris Burton, Estate Manager at Mount Edgcumbe, said: “Mount Edgcumbe is delighted to be in partnership with Secure Forests CIC, in this innovative use of technology that will allow protected area managers to remotely conserve and protect sites throughout the world. Our aim is that this groundbreaking new technology can also be used to protect wildlife and unique habitats within the UK.”

“The use of these systems will allow land and forest managers to assess risk and vulnerabilities of their own specific habitats and act appropriately to protect grade 1 listed landscapes such as Mount Edgcumbe.”