Forever Blooms

Say Something Beautiful……….. With Something Beautiful

Forever Blooms Metal Petals create beautiful roses and gifts using recycled aluminium taken from upcycled drinks cans.

Established in 2018, working from home, Chris Beardsmore wanted to create a sustainable business, using recycled materials to create affordable gifts for his community and further afield.  It started as a part-time hobby, Chris opened a Facebook selling page that immediately caught the hearts and imagination of the public.

Two years on, Chris has given up his job to run Forever Blooms full-time, selling on various online platforms and now opening the first shop in Mount Edgcumbe Barrow Centre.  The Facebook page has over 6000 followers, Chris presents a “live” feed every week right here at the shop, introducing new products, and answering customer questions.

The shop has a range of affordable gifts, that are both beautiful and totally unique.  “We even make jewellery with offcuts”.  The business is committed to using as much of the material as possible, thus reducing waste, but what there is goes into metal recycling.

A new part of the business is making roses while the customer waits.  It takes about 30 minutes, but you can grab a coffee at Farriers Café, or have a walk around the grounds while you wait.

As well as a great range of gifts, Forever Blooms create stunning memorials as the roses will not rust, and will last for years, giving comfort and peace of mind to families who wish to remember loved ones.

“From the first phone call with Chris to receiving a beautiful rainbow bouquet of roses for my mums 70th birthday today has been wonderful. 

Chris’s customer service has been above and beyond and the bouquet arrived very well packaged and on time and most importantly of all…. My mum loves them…a range of affordable gifts, that are both beautiful and totally unique”


Website: forever blooms metal petals
Facebook: roses that last