3rd August 2017

Ten things to do when you are luxury glamping at Mount Edgcumbe Cornwall

Lynher Shepherds HutLuxury glamping Cornwall at Mount Edgcumbe – a magical place with miles and miles of pristine Cornwall coastline just waiting to be explored. Luxury glamping re-defined….

Our luxury glamping Shepherds Huts are the perfect base to discover this wonderful landscape. Perfectly located to take advantage of the wonderful views of the river valley and Plymouth Sound from a peninsula in Cornwall.

  1. Off-road Adventure Segway – explore the rugged Deer Park on these all-terrain two wheeled vehicles on your very own safari.
  2. Baba Yaga’s Circus – learn how to juggle, get the basics of aerial work, improve your balance and learn the trapeze.  All taking place indoors in the Circus Barn at Mount Edgcumbe.
  3. Get on your bike – hire a mountain bike and take to our all-weather trails from your luxury glamping base. There is even a trail quest orienteering challenge with prizes.
  4. Take time away from luxury glamping and explore the wonderful world of textiles and traditional screen printing at Helen Rounds shop and workshop in the Barrow Centre.
  5. Learn how to build shelters, make a fire, how to navigate the woods using natural signs and learn emergency signal techniques. Have fun glamping in the great outdoors and gain knowledge from the ultimate professionals with Survival Wisdom – an experience that can be fine-tuned just for you.
  6. Go to the beach – we have plenty to choose from whilst luxury glamping at Mount Edgcumbe – explore the foreshore of 10 miles of spectacular Cornwall coastline
  7. Complement your luxury glamping lifestyle and enjoy a delicious Cream Tea at the Orangery Garden Café or Farriers Cafe
  8. Play a round or two of Frisbee Golf with Flyers Disk Golf. The course is set out across the Cornwall landscape giving each hole wonderful views of land and sea.
  9. Enjoy one of the many the shops, galleries or activities at the Park. Upcycled Home Company ; Kate Williams Weaving; Harding and Scoots; Rebecca Day 360; Cornish Galleries and Twisted Metal Art ; Alpaca Trekking; Archery Assault; Adventure Segway; Bike & Scooter Hire.; Secure Forest CIC.
  10. Visit the House and collection, learn about the family and their rich history in Cornwall. You can dress up choosing any era from Tudor to Victorian and have your photo taken in the Great Hall.
Book your glamping vacation in the Tamar Hut Mount Edgcumbe here.
Book your glamping vacation in the Lynher Hut Mount Edgcumbe here.