Mount Edgcumbe Alpaca Experience

Enjoy the great outdoors with a four legged friend

Here at Mount Edgcumbe we aim to provide new and exciting adventures for people to explore this wonderful place.  This opportunity allows you to explore with the companionship of our lovely alpacas.

The walks are family friendly and limited to two people for each alpaca.  Children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult at all times** and our groups are no larger than 8 people per experience.

The experience encompasses meeting the alpaca and getting to know about their routines with a little housekeeping if you’re up for the challenge!  Then prepare the alpaca for their walk before heading off for your adventure.

Remember to bring some wellies and waterproof clothing, where we’re going there are no roads!

Our Alpaca Experience lasts approximately two hours.  After visiting the alpaca, why not take some time to explore the rest of the 865 acre park with stunning formal gardens, coastal views and park land. Perhaps pop into the shops or relax in one of our lovely cafes for a delicious treat – there’s no shortage of things to enjoy here at Mount Edgcumbe.

NOTE – children (between 8 and 16 years old) can only be booked on the experience if an adult is booked with them to accompany them on a one to one basis. 

**Please read our terms and conditions before booking your Alpaca Experience to avoid disappointment.

Meet the Alpaca

Courtland, known affectionately as Landy, is the oldest of this herd born in 2016.  He has white fleece (believe it or not!) under all the mud and dust which he just loves rolling in

Illustrious, shortened to Lusty, is the only suri in the herd.  He has long pale brown locks and just like Landy, he loves to roll around in the dust.  His birthday is 20th July (2018)

Henry is the larger of the dark brown huacaya alpacas, often seen standing tall with his head up high watching over his little brother Harry.  Despite being the largest of the herd, he was born in 2019

Harry is the youngest of the herd being born in 2020.  He is the smaller of the two dark brown huacayas and has a distinctive white mark above his right eye.