Archery Assault

Archery Assault ltd is a family friendly, professional team-building solution.

We work across a multitude of sectors including; business to business, business to customer, education and charities.

We provide a platform that is engaging, fun and healthy, with packages to suit any budget and tailored sessions for confidence, communication and team-building.

Our innovative method is designed to connect effectively with your customers and prospects, giving them something they’ll be talking about for weeks to come, taking advantage of research into psychology of customers, where it is stated: “if you can create an emotionally charged memory, it will last longer”, the customers/prospects will associate your company with our fun and friendly games.

With so many reviews from which to choose, here’s one at random:
Bobby Inman reviewed us as 5-stars

“What an amazing event! There is fun to be had by people of all ages and abilities. The AAP team are friendly, knowledgeable and more than capable of ensuring a good time is had by everyone. Whether team building or birthdays, you can’t do much better than this!”

*side note -> psychology reference:(ref: Mackay, D.G., Shafto, M., Taylor, J.K., Marian, D.E., Abrams, L and Dyer, J.R. (2004). Relations between emotion, memory, and attention: Evidence from taboo Stroop, lexical decision, and immediate memory tasks. Memory & Cognition. 32(3). 474-488 ) *