11th November 2022

Securing the Future

There are lots of exciting things underway here at Mount Edgcumbe and we wanted to share some more details about one of those with you. 

This Sunday, Mount Edgcumbe will be featuring on Country File as Secure Forests discuss their amazing new project.  The team will be talking about the positive impact that veterans can have in supporting conservation of the planet and how the new courses they we will running will take them from “National Security to Natural Security”!

Happy in a tree harness
So what are Secure Forests all about?

Secure Forests, a non-profit organisation based at Mount Edgcumbe are dedicated to the protection of Forests and Rainforests around the globe.  They do this by using the latest Satellite and technical surveillance equipment to detect illegal activities such as logging and detect illegal poaching of wildlife.  The organisation also provide Rangers and protective area managers with these technologies and the training to operate these systems to provide better situational awareness within their reserves.  To achieve this they utilise highly skilled and trained Armed Forces veterans and going forward they will build a multi skilled team.

How will this all happen?

By working with Duchy College, the team at Secure Forests have designed a Land Management and Wildlife Conservation program that will recruit and train veterans from the Armed Forces and from the “blue light” services to conduct this work.  The skills will also provide these veterans with potential careers in the Land Management sectors.

They will learn Skills up to Level 3 in topics such as Chainsaw, rope access, Brush cutter, wood chippers and many other land management tools. They will also gain experience by working as volunteers at estates such as Mount Edgcumbe Country Park. Thus, supporting tasks on this grade 1 listed landscape.

Secure Forests are receiving support to enable them to start a course at Mount Edgcumbe in the spring of 2023.

For further information about this amazing organisation and this exciting project please contact them directly:

Email: tellmemore@secureforests.com
Tel: 01752 823 601
Mob: 07854 149 475